In 1985 I visited China for the first of many business trips over the years. At that time I lived in Hong Kong and was the Managing Director of a merchant bank in Beijing. On those early visits I saw green countryside's and witnessed millions of people on bicycles. Cars were the exception rather than the rule. The sky was blue. In recent years I returned to many of the same places only to find grey/black skies and people wearing masks. An entire generation of China's best and brightest are living in the midst of earth's most significant pollution problem. Cancer rates are soaring. The time is right to make an investment in China. During the past many months I have worked on assembling technologies and companies that can attack this environmental disaster. If not people like me, then who?

Quincy Jones, Yue-Sai Kan To Advise Former Steelmaker's Electric Vehicles Venture In China

China’s State Council has approved new policies stimulating growth of new energy automobiles this week, including tax reductions for and direct subsidies to clean-energy car producers...



Grammy Winner Quincy Jones Named Director of Cambelle-Inland

Quincy Jones, the Grammy-winning record producer, was named a director of Cambelle-Inland, the New York company housing the Chinese investments of Craig Bouchard, former CEO of steel producers Esmark Inc. and Shale-Inland Holdings LLC...



Craig Bouchard: Play Hard, Fight Hard, Win

The competitiveness comes naturally. Bouchard was raised in a household which embraced and thrived on a ‘winner-take-all’ attitude and where the former Inland Steel put food on the table...



China Steps Up Buying in U.S.

The made-in-China label isn't such a deal breaker anymore.

After being burned by a series of high-profile failures, Chinese companies are learning to navigate the delicate political and regulatory landscape for takeovers in the United States...